Welcome to the City of West Point

West Point is one of the oldest towns in Kentucky. The first settlers arrived at the Mouth of Salt River in 1776, but​ for the first 20 years the settlers were time and again driven back to the more populated areas in Southeastern Kentucky by constant Indian attacks.

In 1796, following the peace treaties signed between the Kentuckians and the Northwestern Indians tribes at Greenville, Ohio, the area became open for permanent settlement, and the town of West Point was officially established. The town was named West Point because at that time it was the western-most outpost of the so-called English civilization as you came down the Ohio River.

The founder of West Point was James Young, a young Virginian, who owned the land grant on which the town was established. In fact he owned every lot and even the streets in the town. Following a lawsuit over the existing over lapping land grants, the courts recognized him as the proprietor of West Point. Young lived practically his entire life in West Point and amassed quite a fortune in his various business enterprises.

Today there is a river walk along the banks of the Ohio River named in honor of James Young, as well as the bridge that carries the U.S. 31W highway traffic across the Salt River. Young was one of the investors that built the original turnpike that connected Louisville and Nashville, Tennessee.


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Welcome to the City of West Point