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Mayor, William C. Ash
City of West Point
509 Elm Street
West Point, KY 40177

Phone:  502-922-4260
270-769-3638 (Elizabethtown direct line) 
Fax:   502-922-4262 
E-Mail:   info@westpointky.org 
Web Site:   www.westpoint.ky.gov 
West Point is a northern Hardin County town on the Ohio River at the mouth of the Salt River. It was founded in 1796. On the opposite side of the Salt River in Jefferson County, a town named Williamsville; probably named for William Johnson, a local land owner; had been established in 1792. The two communities became known together as Mouth of Salt River. The West Point Post Office opened in 1819. The population in 2004 was 1,045. 

City Hall 

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William C. Ash502-922-4260
Missy Goodwin502-922-4260
Gaye Moore502-922-4260
Richard Ciresi502-639-6616 (cell)
Josh Cooper270-769-1410
Jeff Wright502-922-4260
Vernon "Butch" Curl, Jr.502-922-4235

City Council  

Charles McCreary

1122 Elm St

West Point, KY 40177 502-751-4694



Dwayne Culver  
1502 Elm Street
West Point, KY 40177  502-643-5247                                                                                                                                        dkc@weldingandtherapy.com

Lavinda Curl  
2501 Main St.
West Point, KY 40177  502-922-4913                                                                                                                                

Carl Hall  
601 Elm Street
West Point, KY 40177  270-922-4207                                                                                                                                     wchall1@aol.com

Fred Staley
128 South 10th Street
West Point, KY 40177  502-445-4833

Josh Roederer
204 N. 6th St.
West Point, KY 40177  502-303-2766                                                                                                                      josh.roederer@gmail.com