Water and Waste Water

Water Department

The City of West Point operates and maintains facilities which provide the city with safe drinking water.  The water department personnel maintain current State Certifications and training as prescribed by the Commonwealth of Kentucky to insure the safest water quality available.  The Water Department is responsible for all transmission lines for water distribution in the city; this includes installation and repair of these lines.  They also install meters for new construction as well as replacement meters.  This department is also responsible for collecting readings from all water meters, which are approximately 420 customers.  The water is tested on a regular basis to ensure compliance with State and Federal regulatory requirements.  Drinking water treatment features clarification with rapid sand filtration and chlorine gas is utilized for disinfection.  Fluoride is also added to the water. The original water plant was built in 1939 and was renovated in 1995 with a new distribution system.  The water plant also operates with an Ion exchange water softener system which uses sodium pellets.

Wastewater Department

​The City of West Point Wastewater Department is a class II treatment facility with lift stations. The Wastewater Department maintains and repairs sanitary sewer lines throughout the city. This system collects sanitary wastewater from residences and businesses for filtration at the Wastewater Filtration Plant that is located at 1608 Elm Street.   The wastewater treatment process includes grit removal, extended aeration, disinfection and de-chlorination. The wastewater is tested on a daily basis to ensure compliance with State and Federal requirements.  The personnel staffed through the department are certified as Class II wastewater operators by the Commonwealth of Kentucky.


Water and Wastewater Department
509 Elm St.
West Point, KY 40177

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