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Our City

​​​The City of West Point is governed by a Mayor and a Council composed of six members who are elected by city residents. The terms of Office for the Mayor are 4 years and the Council are for two years.​

West Point is a community with a lot of history and a lot of potential. We are a 5th class city with a population of approximately 1,200. The City’s form of government is the Mayor and 6 member council plan.

The historic City of West Point is located at the confluence of the Ohio River and the Salt River in Northern Hardin County Kentucky, situated between Louisville and Ft. Knox.

​The City of West Point was formally established in the year of 1796. James Young a young Virginian was recognized by the courts to have sole proprietorship of the area. He lived in West Point his entire life and many of the historic sites located here were named after Mr. Young.

In the year of 1848 the citizens of West Point established the first public school with Joseph P. Knott as headmaster. At the turn of the century a city square was donated to build the West Point Independent School system. The new school was opened in 1909. After the flood in 1997 the community and school was devastated, but was able to recover with the attendance on an average of 150 students. The West Point Independent School’s staff consists of dedicated, hardworking, loyal and devoted employees. They each go above and beyond their job descriptions. Feel free to browse the school’s website at for additional information and programs they offer.

Be sure to check out all our city has to offer while browsing through our website. The information on this website is designed to help you learn more about West Point in the hopes that you plan a visit to our town.​​

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